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Viewing This Site

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The something that's taking a long time to load is a little (~1.6 mb) tune that provides an Unreal atmosphere for the site. I think it's worth the wait.

The site was developed for use with M$ Internet Explorer 5. It looks best if the Font Size of IE is set to "smaller." To hear the music, make sure the IE 5 Tools|Internet Options|Advanced|Play Sounds is enabled. It seems to work well with NeoPlanet. Navigator will not play the tune.

All links to external pages should open in a new browser window, if they don't, please let me know.

Problems have been reported when Netscape Navigator has been used for viewing -- I think I've corrected them, but... All comments and complaints about this should be directed to the fools that allowed america online ( argh! did I really use that name on my site? [shudder] ) to get their paws on Navigator. If you used AOL [ugh] to get here, please leave, get a real ISP, and then come back. Thank you.

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