Organize a Clan Match with the

Clan Matches are a pain in the ass. If you've ever been responsible for organizing one, you already know this; if not, you're about to find out. Having said that, the Deviants are ready to take your challenge and take your challenge seriously. Because we will take your challenge seriously, we expect the same from you.

This page will outline what we want from you if you want to challenge us. Do not take every word here as gospel or as being cast in stone. One of the hallmarks of a true Deviant is the ability to display that rare characteristic called flexibility and another, equally rare trait: the ability to be reasonable. Since you are not a Deviant, we do not expect you to display either quality, but if you will make an effort to do so, we will call you "friend" and the whole process will be easier on all concerned.

I warned you that arranging a match is a pain. No, we are not being anal about this. If you have a clue about what it is that you want to do with the match before you challenge us, the whole process will go a lot more smoothly and the match will probably happen a whole lot quicker than if you just throw out a challenge and hope it works out. We are not asking for any preparation from you that we are not willing to do ourselves when we issue a challenge.

All of these issues will have to be dealt with sooner or later anyway; let's make it sooner...Most importantly, please observe that while, in most cases, we have indicated our preferred answers to many of the many questions, they are questions: we are simply asking now, rather than later on ICQ or IRC.

We do not require that you have hard and fast answers to all of these questions before you make the challenge. This is not possible in the first place and in the second, we may object to, or have reservations about, several of your proposals. This, of course, puts those items back to square one and the necessity of flexibility comes into play. We would appreciate it if you are prepared to discuss all of these questions from the beginning--even if your initial answers to some of the questions are: "we don't yet have this worked out."

Please keep in mind that the Deviants range in age from 16 to 53. This means that we have school/work/family obligations that will take priority over playing Unreal. We, likewise, assume that the members of your Clan also have Real-Life obligations that can/will interfear with the smooth organization of the match. We can make it happen. This page has told you what the Deviants generally prefer; the ball is your court...

The Deviants look forward to serving you and your Clan as the main course at our next Gib BBQ!